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#1 Cause of Sick Laundry Cycles

Sick Laundry Cycles

Doing the laundry these days is pretty much easier thanks to the endless technology being discovered, giving birth to machines that increase efficiency and lowers time consumption in doing laundry. Recent trends in the laundry world consists of the usage of less water, lower water temperatures, and mild detergents, as stronger ones are believed to destroy the fabric, but these slight changes that we make may actually do more harm than good.

The so called sick laundry cycles became an alarming topic to professionals as recent studies indicate such changes contributing to more germ infections in the customer’s clothes. The lowered temperature and mild detergent being used meant that the washing process became more of a thriving environment for germs rather than eliminating them.

Common bacteria are eliminated in high temperatures, whereas colder temperatures prevent its propagation.However the area in between them is an ideal breeding ground for such pests. The initial use of warm water in cleaning the clothes effectively killed germs and bacteria, with the help of the detergent whilst removing the stain from the fabric.

The practice of utilizing relatively colder water and milder detergents may produce “whiter clothes” with better aromas, but the cloth smelling wonderful is not enough as a justification that it is thoroughly clean. The sick laundry cycles that we have whole heartedly embraced are jeopardizing our health in exchange of slight improvements with the result.

But such practices can be avoided with a little help from the frequent maintenance of sanitation. There are methods and practices that we can employ to counter this phenomenon. One of it is immediately emptying the washer as soon as it is finished. Moist areas are the favorite places for bacteria and germs to thrive on, making swift actions to be essential, never procrastinate stating that the laundry won’t go anywhere, for something bad is inevitable in such a case. Make it a habit to complete tasks wholeheartedly and not half-baked. Such practices might as well save your family from possible contamination.

Another method that you can use is to segregate your laundry and cleaning the machine afterwards. While separating your clothes might be tiresome on your end, think about the possibilities or aftermath of the situation of you dumping the whole laundry in. Your white clothes might not come out white afterwards, fecal and urine stains might spread to your other clothes from some soiled garments and the list goes on as to how not segregating is a potential disaster.

The sanitation of your washing machine after use is also a key component that you must not forget, as bacteria infested machine on the next use is not an ideal place to wash your clothes clean. Take the time to remove the pools of water accumulated in it, as these are the common places that bacteria can stay in.

Make your next laundry wash germ-free and still clean and fresh, so go ahead and break that sick laundry cycle of yours as soon as possible, for a little cleaning can go a long way.

#1 Cause of Sick Laundry Cycles