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EcoWasher Displays

EcoWasher Displays and Demos: Explained by The EcoInventor Julius Toth

EcoWasher® Live Demo – The EcoInventor explains the EcoWasher® technology

Featuring Julius Toth, the EcoInventor as he demonstrates the EcoWasher to a couple at a hardware store. He discusses with them the breakthrough technology of the EcoWasher and how it eliminates the use of laundry detergent, hot water or fabric softener.

EcoWasher® Live Demo – The EcoInventor unveils the chemical gunk found in your “clean” clothing

The EcoInventor explains the number one reason why the EcoWasher is the best way to clean your laundry. With no more detergent the EcoWasher will pull out previous detergent residue left behind in fabrics. That residue or “gunk” as the EcoInventor calls it is breeding bacteria and germs and that goes into the skin right off of the clothing! EcoWasher leaves clothes looking bright, feeling soft and smelling fresh.