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Ozone Laundry Systems

The Benefits of Ozone Laundry Systems

Technology has been able to transform the society by providing means of living life easier. Most people might not expect it, but even the problems of laundry have been solved by it. One of the renowned technologies used as of the present is ozone laundry. It revolutionizes the way people clean their clothes by using ozone gas instead of powdered detergents.

In the industry of laundry technology, ozone gas is often termed as the “Nature’s Detergent”. This gas is naturally found in the atmosphere, mainly created from oxygen molecules that undergo conversion due to the electric charge induced by lightning. Aside from the fact that ozone is known for protecting the Earth’s atmosphere from the harsh sun rays, it has powerful oxidizing properties that allow it to break down organic substances.

The ozone laundry technology uses a synthetically made ozone gas using oxygen from air as its precursor. Instead of lightning, ultraviolet light is used to split oxygen (O2) molecules to form the ozone gas containing three molecules of oxygen (O3).

Ozone laundry systems work by injecting the gas directly into the wash wheel wherein it dissolves in the cold water. The ozone gas aid in opening the fibers of the clothes in order for it to react with the stains present. The main advantage in opening the fibers is that it hastens the time needed to dry the clothes. After the whole wash cycle, the gas is then delivered to a carbon tower wherein it undergoes absorption with the said material.

Aside from reduced drying time, less energy is consumed since cold water is used for cleaning instead of hot water. The reason for the use of cold water is that the ozone gas is more soluble in water at a lower temperature.

In addition, every laundry session is more productive with this technology as it reduces both the combined laundry cycle and drying time by 30%. When detergents are used to clean clothes, several washings are needed to remove the chemicals that adhere to the fibers. Through ozone laundry, the washing step is reduced to one, thereby saving huge amounts of water.

The process is also environmentally friendly because it results in releasing oxygen back to the surroundings after it undergoes several oxidation steps to clean the clothes. Moreover, it reduces the amount of wastewater produced.

Added bonuses to the use of ozone laundry systems include extended linen life, maximum disinfection of linen and extended life equipment. In the long run, the process is economical as it maximizes the user’s return of income. This is best suited for cases wherein bulk amounts of laundry are involved, since less costs are incurred for energy consumption, water usage and detergent use.

Ozone gas is not safe despite the fact that it originated from oxygen. Its powerful oxidizing properties make it highly damaging to the mucous and respiratory tissues of animals. In order to ensure safety in the laundry room, it is necessary to install an ozone monitor.

The said monitor should create an alarm signal when the ozone concentration of the surroundings reach 0.05 parts per million to warn individuals present in the room to evacuate the area. It automatically sends an instruction to the equipment to stop the whole cleaning process in case an accident occurs.