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Benefits of Detergent Free Laundry to the Environment and Clothing

Benefits of Detergent Free Laundry to the Environment and Clothing

Ozone laundry system is a detergent free laundry that offers a variety of benefits with practically no huge changes in the standard laundry procedures. The clothes would complete their laundry cycle faster, which means they would be transferred to the dryers more quickly. Ozone laundry has many benefits, especially to the environment, and some of them are outlined in this article.

Green Chemicals

Ozone laundry contains a green chemical, but it does not use detergent to clean the clothes. Ozone is a clean gas that is completely made up of pure oxygen available all over the environment. When doing the laundry, you do not need to use hazardous chemicals such as Acid, Chlorine, and Alkali because ozone would complete almost all of the dirty work.

Green Wastewater

The usual laundry generates wastewater that is high in chemical oxygen demand (COD), high in biological oxygen demand (BOD – food for bacteria), and low in dissolved oxygen (DO). This is normal because of the chemical and soil contaminants found on dirty clothes. BOD and COD are the negative factors of wastewater from a laundry and these support algae growth in rivers, which uses the DO and thus suffocates the fish. Because of this, the laundry industry needs to do some costly procedures to buffer its wastewater.

When using a detergent free laundry, ozone is used to replace most of the chemicals required to provide a high-quality finished product. Since ozone is made of pure oxygen, it oxidizes first and then destroys stains, odors, viruses, bacteria, oils, greases, cysts, and parasites.

Green Air

Since ozone eliminates chlorine and many other harmful chemicals, your clothes would significantly improve the air quality in your home or your laundry facility. If you do not use chlorine, this means you eliminate large amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that come from your laundry.

When there is no acid and great reduction of alkali, it means your clothes would last much longer and would not shed too much lint in the dryers. Because of this benefit of detergent free laundry, it would significantly lessen the amount of airborne particles from the dryer vents, and this would significantly lessen the amount of particulates in the air. These are one of the biggest sources of pollution that infiltrates the environment.

Extends the Life of Clothes

Using the ozone laundry system can extend the life of your clothes by 2 to 7 times, which means huge savings on your part. Ozone does not use the harsh chemical treatments that can be found in the conventional wash chemistry. Ozone can effectively oxidize oils and greases, soils, viruses, bacteria, and other pollutants in your clothes without subjecting them to the usual combination of chemicals in the washer.

Safe for Organic Fabrics

Your expensive ‘organic fabrics’ can remain organic by using detergent free laundry. Traditional laundry procedures that most people use on organic fabrics would make them no longer certifiable. Traditional laundry contains chemicals that would leave inorganic residues and would cause the organic fabrics not to be considered as organic anymore. Ozone laundry ensures that your organic fabrics would remain healthful and organic without any chemical residue.