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Benefits of Eco Wash Laundry Using Ozone

Ozone laundry is a type of textile care that uses oxygen and electricity in a unique way. It is considered as eco wash laundry because ozone replaces many of the chemicals typically used in a conventional washing method. As such, there are many benefits of this kind of laundry that will be discussed in this article.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Unlike most commercial laundry procedures, ozone does not require hot water, which greatly decreases the amount of Carbon that is discharged into the atmosphere. Because of the threat of Global Warming, people need to consider the environmental impact before doing anything. The release of green-house gases is a big contributor to Global Warming, and Carbon Dioxide is the huge one. The more energy is used, the more Carbon Dioxide is released.

Shorter Laundry Cycles

Eco wash laundry using ozone eliminates some of the steps of a typical laundry process. This means, you can also eliminate the time necessary to finish those steps. You can increase your production when washing because ozone laundry systems shorten laundry procedures by at least 30%. You can also save huge amount of water, energy, and labor.

The electronic controls of newer commercial washers let you create the type of laundry cycles you need. Switching to ozone means you create a whole new cycle that is specifically designed to benefit from ozone.

Shorter Drying Times

With ozone laundry, it lowers water retention and increases extract efficiency. Using this eco wash laundry means it will use less water in the fabrics going into the dryers, so it needs less time to dry them. Again, you would have more savings in energy, labor, and time.

Lesser Water Footprint

Ozone laundry system allows you to lessen the amount of water that you use for your laundry. It lessens water consumption by at least 30% compared to traditional methods of laundry. This means you can save as much as one gallon of water for every pound of clothing.

Big Labor Savings

Labor is an expensive component of a business, including commercial laundry. To speed up the production rate and lessen the amount of labor necessary for laundry, many innovations have been developed in recent years regarding automation technology. When Eco wash laundry from ozone laundry system is properly integrated, it can significantly lessen the amount of labor necessary to process fabrics compared to conventional laundry methods.

As mentioned above, ozone allows shorter wash cycles than other laundry methods because it eliminates some of the old steps in the laundry process. You can have savings on labor because reduced wash cycle times speeds up the production rate and work flow. The faster you can finish the production requirements for the day, the less labor hours you would need.

Safer, Disinfected Fabrics

Using ozone in your laundry system guarantees that there will be no biological pathogens and numerous other chemical pollutants from your fabrics. Ozone is among the top most powerful oxidizers. Using this eco wash laundry means organisms cannot even try to resist the destruction by ozone.