The EcoInventor

EcoInventions® Debuts Life-Enhancing Products

Barberton, Ohio – October 29, 2015 – Perfectly timed for the cold and flu season and after months of research and development, EcoInventions® is preparing for its upcoming release of an innovative air purifier series; OxiLeaf®.

OxiLeaf® air purification is a new technology for which no refills or filters are required, eliminating the need to change out dirty filtration systems, replace parts or purchase refills. This phenomenal technology kills airborne bacteria and viruses, as well as oxygenating the ambient air. This powerful oxidation technology has been adapted into a simple “plug-and-go” unit. The first model to emerge is the OxiLeaf® MINI, a wall unit that can be plugged into any room of the house.

Much like EcoWasher®, the lead product of EcoInventions®, OxiLeaf® uses one of life’s most basic, natural and essential components; oxygen. As air passes through OxiLeaf® it becomes oxidized, creating low levels of ozone that safely kill viruses, bacteria and mold spores. Odors are also eliminated during this process, as smells are often caused by bacteria. Odors vanish once the problem-causing bacteria are extinguished.

EcoInventions® has also opened up a new showroom to the public in its local Barberton headquarters where all current products are being sold and future inventions are being showcased. Visitors are welcome to come in and experience the EcoInventions® atmosphere and purchase or pre-sale its products.

EcoInventions® mission is to continuously add to its innovative family of products to save consumers money and improve the quality of life.