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The Truly Incredible Benefits of using EcoWasher

EcoWasher is the new revolutionary way to wash your clothes. It is easy to install and seamlessly integrates with your washing machine giving your laundry the robust power of ozone infused cleaning. It uses ozone washing technology to give your clothes that fresh, chemical-free natural clean.

Ozone cleaning: Cleaning with nature

For many years, Ozone has been utilized in other industries such as water and air purification. Ozone is used as an extremely effective oxidant. Ozone is more effective than chlorine as a disinfectant. It is more effective in getting rid of bacteria and viruses. Ozone’s lifespan is not really that long. It only lasts from 5 to 30 minutes after it is produced. Another fact is that it reverts to clean oxygen after its use, meaning ozone treatment is naturally eco-friendly.

We can now change the way we do our laundry with the power of Ozone treatment. Ozone is effective in killing odor-causing bacteria better than laundry detergent. Ozone treatment is also efficient in a way that it does not add chemicals to your laundry water.

The same technology used in purifying water and air at your home is now with EcoWasher Revolutionize the way you do your laundry and level up your old washing machine with ozone infused cleaning and let nature’s natural cleaning agent – Ozone – take care of your clothes for you.

The cleaning power of ozone infusion

EcoWasher eliminates the use of detergent. No more hassles in putting hot water, bleach, detergent or fabric conditioners. With ozone infused cleaning, clothes smell clean and free from odor and bacteria. Get neat and fresher smelling clothes as ozone cleans better than hot water and detergent. Let nature do the laundry for you – using ozone infused washing.

We can now have an even better way of sanitizing our clothes with ozone infused laundry systems. No harsh chemicals, no extra powder needed to get clean and fresh clothes. This wonderful piece of technology puts the cleaning power of ozone to your clothes. Every time you wash it cleans deep into your clothes using ozone as a powerful disinfectant and leaves your fabrics feeling soft, clean and smelling fresh.

Using an eco-friendly washing machine can save you more in the long term. Without the need for bleach, fabric softener or laundry detergent, it saves you money with each wash.

Your Washing Machine is now Green!

Ozone infused laundry systems helps to keep our environment clean. It helps save energy cost with more efficient wash cycles. Eco-friendly washing machines not only removes the use of detergent, it keeps our environment safe from the chemicals that detergents can cause to our surroundings. You will feel more confident knowing that every time you wash, you are helping in making the environment free from pollutants with ozone infused cleaning.

Tired of using detergent, bleach and hot water for your clothes? Is there a better alternative?

Why settle for your old washing experience when you can make it even better using an eco-friendly washing machine today! Level up your washing experience by infusing clean ozone to your clothes on your next wash with ecowasher!