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Why Laundry Detergents are Harmful for You and the Environment

Laundry detergents have been commonly used in cleaning our fabrics for a long time now. But let’s take a look at why detergents are surprisingly causing more harm than help and is there a way to improve our laundry experience?

The Problem with Detergents

Detergents are using chemicals

  • Which may harm and be the cause of some allergies, irritations and skin problems through exposure to these harmful contaminants.

Detergents are not removing germs and bacteria from your clothes

  • Let’s face it, detergents are not efficient in removing germs and bacteria from your clothes. In fact studies show that detergents, when not used properly can trigger the growth of germs and bacteria in your clothes!

Detergents cost you money

  • Every time you decide to wash your clothes, you spend money for detergents, bleach and fabric conditioners. You won’t need to buy any of them when you use an eco-friendly washing machine.

Detergents can harm the environment

  • With high chemical content, using detergents risk the increase of water pollution in environment.

Aside from having harmful chemicals, some detergents even have perfumes and colorants that may also contribute to water pollution. It has also been reported that some detergents can cause allergic reactions and skin and eye irritations.

It is even more dangerous if the chemicals present in detergents make contact with large bodies of water as they can have poisonous effects to aquatic life forms and other sea organisms. This is true especially if the chemicals are present in high quantities.

Why switch to Eco-friendly Washing Machines?

When you switch to EcoWashers, you begin to see these magnificent benefits on your first wash:

  • Environment friendly laundry – Without the need for detergents, your laundry experience just got Greener and Better.
  • Fabrics are Amazingly Neat – Nothing beats that pure and natural way of cleaning with the help of ozone infusion.
  • Get Whiter, Fresher Smelling Clothes – Feel more confident wearing your fabrics as it is guaranteed free from dirt, stain, germs and bacteria.
  • Free from chemicals and pollutants – Ozone laundry systems do not need detergents, making your clothes naturally clean. It also does not add any chemicals to the water whenever you use it for laundry.
  • It saves you Time and Energy – Ecowashers save you energy by giving you shorter and more efficient wash cycles compared to the normal way of doing laundry with washing machines. It’s so convenient and easy to install as it integrates easily with your washing machine.
  • It saves you Money – EcoWashers save you from buying detergents that will cost you money with each wash.

EcoWashers are truly nature friendly as they replaces your detergent, bleach or even fabric conditioner with clean ozone to take care and clean your clothes. It’s especially made for that neat chemical free, oxygen infused wash to make your clothes free from bacteria, viruses, dirt, stain and chemicals.

Next time you do the laundry think Green! Make your next wash more efficient with EcoWashers installed on your washing machine. Upgrade your washing machine now for that cleaner, greener laundry experience!

EcoWasher is the Laundry Revolution