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Hidden Danger The Dirty secret about laundry pods

Ignorance isn’t always bliss

The list of children being harmed by laundry detergent pods continues to expand. Detergent companies have issued warnings and changed their packaging many times to no avail, according to Consumer Reports in a recent report.

Due to their findings, Consumer Reports is dropping detergent pods from its list of recommended detergents. It also states that they should never be used in households where young children live or visit. I would wager that description covers most households.

“We are taking a pretty strong stance. We are saying, ‘Use a different laundry detergent,’ ” said Dan DiClerico, senior home editor for Consumer Reports, which publishes influential ratings on everything from electronics to makeup.

Concerns about laundry detergent pods have been growing since 2012, when recurrent reports of children being poisoned and injured first appeared. Typically, children bite or poke through the dissolvable packet membranes and get squirts of concentrated detergent down their throats or in their eyes.

They tend to get much more sick than children exposed to traditional laundry detergent, though it isn’t clear why. Vomiting and coughing are common; in some cases, comas, seizures and breathing problems occur. Two children have died, according to Consumer Reports.

In 2013, U.S. poison control centers logged 10,877 calls about children under age 6 who ingested, inhaled or were harmed by detergent pods. In 2014, they counted 11,714 such calls. With 6,036 calls in the first half of 2015, “the trend is only going up,” DiClerico states.

Gary Smith, director of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, says he “wholeheartedly agrees” with advice to keep the pods entirely out of the homes of young children.

“The added convenience is not worth the danger,” he says.

This isn’t an article to incite fear, this was written to raise awareness to the many dangers of detergent pods and even detergents themselves. There are many alternatives that will clean your clothes efficiently without running the risk of harming the ones you love most.

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