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Laundry Pro We Do It Better

Laundry Pro: We Do It Better

Laundrying clothes is one of the most water and energy spending chores we do in our daily household chores. A regular load of clothes put in the washer spends at least 5 tubful of water, a 10-20 minute cleaning window, and lots of heat to spin dry the clothes.

With the advent though of ozone laundry systems, laundrying clothes has never been better for the consumer and even friendlier for the environment. Infusion of activated oxygen in the water makes for a better cleaning solution than detergent infused water. Activated oxygen (ozone) is naturally formed when lightning storms occur. Another atom is added to oxygen (O2) to produce ozone (O3). The result is an electrically and chemically charged atom which when infused in water, loosens the dirt and the grime from fabrics fast and easy.

We Can Only Save as Much as the Cost of Detergents

The absence of detergents in the laundry process does not only equate to lesser expenses in terms of not paying for detergents. Clothes rinsed using detergents actually are not really 100% freed from the residue of these cleaning items: in fact, the use of detergents is one reason why clothes would feel rough and scratchy on the skin after a wash.

You will not only save on detergent costs. Water, which in the city is usually potable grade (and thus expensive), is used in large quantities in traditional washers. Laundry Pro makes sure that water use is lessened and in a way this is already being done as the rinsing part of traditional washing is taken away-that’s at least 2 tubful of water conserved in one washing. Imagine how much savings you can make even for just a month if you regularly wash your clothes.

Love Yourself, Love the Earth

Imagine yourself using a detergent cleansed towel on your face. As there is still some detergent residue on the towel, chances are your skin could be prone to irritation not only from the chemical residue left on the towel but also from the rough fabric resulting from semi-rinsed dried fabric.

Laundry Pro ensures that nothing like this will happen. Your ozonized clothes and fabrics will be free from harsh effects of the chemicals of the detergents. The process is also earth friendly as refuse coming from the washing is just plain water: it has nothing in it that can bring havoc to nature.

So what’s in it for you from Laundry Pro? It is green and clean living for you and your family, it’s ease of use (and needs no maintenance even when regularly used on peak performance), it’s safety compacted in the monitors which signal correct use as well as impending problems, it’s reliability (provides a 2-year limited warranty), it’s economy with its detergentless and fast washing times.

And most of all, it is reassuring the next generations that there is still hope for the world, if only we do our little share to better the lives of this generation and the generations still to come.