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The Low-Down of Ozone Laundry Systems

The Low-Down of Ozone Laundry Systems

The term “Ozone Laundry Systems” may sound overly scientific at first, but in fact, the concept is simple and easy to understand. And while ozone and laundry are two words one wouldn’t normally associate with each other, they in actuality, can work together to help ease the backbreaking task of washing clothes and linens.

To better understand what “ozone laundry systems” are, let us begin by defining the word “ozone”. Scientifically, ozone is defined as being a colorless and reactive gas (composed of three atoms of oxygen, O3) that occurs naturally in the earth’s stratosphere. It works as a shield for the earth, protecting it and all life forms from the harmful ultraviolet components of solar radiation.

Ozone, being a gas, getting used for laundry may seem like a ridiculous idea, but it’s understandable how and why it can be used in cleaning clothing and linens. The answer to that is this: ozone is a powerful oxidizer. Oxidizers are chemicals that help break down organic substances, such as dirt and stains in your clothes, though their main purpose really is to act as fuel.

But no, you don’t have to worry; your clothes and linens will not spontaneously combust nor will they suffer any damage from the ozone. The gas will simply act as a detergent.

Yes, ozone is your alternative to chlorine, disinfectants, and other fabric-cleaning agents. That is mainly due to the gas being an oxidizer; thus, the use of ozone laundry systems will also lead to detergentless laundry. With this avant-garde system, you may also reduce the amount of bleach you usually use when you do your laundry. That way, dirt and stains will be removed from your clothes and linens without causing undue damage, unlike traditional washing machines that require a generous amount of detergent, bleach, chlorine, and hot water.

Additionally, if you are conscious of being “green”, then by having a laundry system that employs ozone you can rest assured that you are not causing more harm to the environment. That is because the creation of ozone molecules from electrified oxygen atoms is an entirely naturally-occurring phenomenon that is then fabricated by laundry systems.

They do it by generating oxygen, which then reacts with the electricity, and infusing the created ozone next into the water and into the loaded fabrics. No excess chemicals like greenhouse gases are created in the process, so you can rest assured that you are not causing any more harm to the earth and the earth’s atmosphere.

And while all this sounds so technical, installing this new system doesn’t require engineering expertise. If you have enough plumbing and electrical knowledge, then you could install the system by yourself. But if not, qualified installers are there to help! To accommodate this system, you don’t need anything more than an additional space in your laundry room and your existing washing machines. The ozone system only needs to be attached to your water source and then to your machine’s inlet. Turn it on, and you’re good to go.

The Low-Down of Ozone Laundry Systems