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Created in nature by lightning, Ozone is nature’s powerful oxidizers by generating ozone from oxygen molecules.

EcoWasher dryer disqualifies the use of detergents, fabric conditioners and hot water. It helps our environment and it is energy saving. Using Eco washer dryer saves you a lot of time and money.

Difference between your typical Washing Machine and a Green Environment Friendly washer:

As we all know, the typical washing machine have two types. They are the top load and the front load types. Front loaders uses less energy compared to top loaders. Some households prefer to invest into brand new machines rather than keeping the old one once they are in need of repairs. It is usually cost-efficient to buy a new one than repair and maintain the old one. These machines also take massive space in your laundry area.

EcoWasher dryer on the other hand can be human powered and environment friendly. By using your human strength, you can pedal your way to cleaning your clothes and use eco-friendly detergents and fabric softeners rather than using accustomed detergents that have harmful chemicals not only to our environment, your clothes and to those who usually uses it. Using homemade laundry establishes not only your family’s safety but the environment as well.

Using EcoWasher dryer, you can contribute on reducing your carbon footprint. Making your laundry eco-friendly can save you money. An ordinary household can consume almost 13,500 gallons of water per load of laundry each year. When you use an EcoWasher dryer you can save as much as 7,000 gallons of water each year. This means more savings for your family where you can use it for other profitable use.

These are some green laundry tips that you can do in your own household:

  1. Wear it not once but twice – wearing your clothes a few times is a simple way to cut back on your laundry’s impact.
  2. ‘Think green’ when it comes to laundry detergents. Traditional detergents contain harmful elements that can harm your clothes and may be the cause of illness to your family.
  3. Greener goods are more humane.

It’s very easy to get overpowered. It’s also humble to make a positive change. As the world becomes smaller gradually it’s easy to see how the lives of many people, animals and the ecosystem are affected.

Everything that we do has a big influence on the planet whether it is worthy or damaging. A single person can create a big impact to one’s choice of going eco-friendly and thinking green.

If it doesn’t hurt to change your lifestyle you can help for the better. Using recyclable materials saves energy compared to using non-recyclable materials. The natural world recycles everything thus decreasing the volume of stuff that we consume.

Numbers may prove that being green is far way better than the traditional way of living. 34 tons of shedload is the volume of carbon dioxide emissions that would be prevented in every household once you go green. Think about your family.