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Ozone Laundry System and Cleaning Clothes

Ozone Laundry System

The ozone laundry system is a pretty unique method that experts are now using to increase the overall efficiency of cleaning clothes. Compared to the old fashioned way of cleaning your clothes with water and detergent, ozone replaces the detergent, and because of this “swap” of use, increased levels of cleaning quality are achieved. But how exactly does this “ozone” makes cleaning more effective?

The ozone is an allotrope of the usual diatomic oxygen, meaning that its chemical composition is like that of a regular oxygen that we are familiar with, but with an extra one. This additional atom in the ozone makes it more unstable and a better oxidizing agent. It also has a pungent sharp smell that we normally detect even in very tiny amounts.

This distinct smell is one of the many reasons as to why clothes that undergo the ozone laundry system has a better smelling effect, along with its other benefits like cleaner laundry. This laundry system utilizes the ozone by mixing it with the water, then with the clothes. Now what happens that eliminates the stains from the soiled clothes is that the chemical composition of the solution affects the stain in such a way that it “unbinds” the two, effectively separating the grime or stain from the clothes.

Think of it as being a reactive solution to a bind solid, or simply put, water dissolving the chunk of salt placed in it. What it does is that it “isolates” one from the other, attracting it away from each other, hence, the separation of the dirt from the clothes.

It is also ideal in the laundry business since it instantaneously kill any thriving bacteria in the clothes, ensuring both the quality and safety when using an ozone laundry system. Most detergents doesn’t have this particular feat, hence, the particular smell produced by left over germs whilst wearing it, or worst, even before doing so. Nobody wants their clothes to be smelly, making ozone’s distinct smell and germ killing properties suitable for public use.

Ozone is indeed revolutionary when it comes to laundry cleaning, but people are mostly aware that ozone in high concentrations can be particularly deadly, making the process quite discouraging to a few. This issue, however, is not a problem when all the ozone utilized is fully mixed with the water, ensuring that no excess ozone stays in its natural gas phase, which frankly is quite deadly and unstable.

The ozone laundry system has two options to successfully merge the ozone to the water, a Venturi Injection method, or a bubble diffuser method. The Venturi Injection method is the preferred choice of these laundry systems as it has a far greater ozone mass transfer rate, since it utilizes a special method of forcibly pushing huge amounts of ozone to a small space, effectively creating thousands of tiny bubbles.

The bubble diffuser still utilizes a somewhat common method, forcing ozone to a certain depth of water, however produces bigger bubbles. The smaller bubbles in large quantities produced by the venture injection method is much more efficient than the bubble diffuser’s large but low in quantity bubbles, for smaller bubbles in large amounts covers bigger surface area, making the venture injection method superior to the other.

So rest assured that no excess amount of ozone will be left in their natural gas-phase, making “ozone laundry cleaning” the revolutionizing and smart choice for customers.