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The Sad Fact About Laundering Clothes

The Sad Fact About Laundering Clothes

Even with their busy schedules, most people are pretty picky about laundering their clothes. They go that extra step either doing the laundry at home or going to the do-it-yourself laundry shops. But are your clothes really being cleaned?

Aside from perspiration and dust from the environment, one other concern why people regularly wash clothes would be taking out grime and stains from fabrics. To address this concern, manufacturers have infused chemicals into these detergents so that when the used detergent infused water is drained in the eco-system, it does not only harm the environment, it also results in potential harm to you, the user.

What Do We Do Then?

Fortunately, technological research and advancements have been made with regards to laundry and these advancements promise to make our lives better and healthier. In the past, laundrying clothes would mean water, detergent and bleach. Now, it would be safe to say that all one needs to clean their clothes is through the use of the Ozone Laundry System using just plain cold water and ozone.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is actually Oxygen (O2) where another atom of oxygen is attached turning it to Ozone (O3). Ozone is formed during lightning storms and is considered to be a natural air purifier. This explains why after a lightning storm, it feels good to breath in the air around you.

Since ozone is formed during lightning storms, it carries with it an electrical and chemical charge so that when infused in water, it dissolves dirt on contact. Ozone infused water also sanitizes and disinfects your clothes, thus there is no need to use detergent with harsh ingredients like chlorine and bleach.

Therefore, unlike the traditional laundry process where the cleaning window starts only when clothes are soaked in detergent infused water, the cleaning window in the ozone laundry system starts from the time the fabrics are placed in the ozone infused washers. Because of this, water fills are also lessened (from five to three) resulting in time and electricity savings. And the best part is that you not only get laundry which is free from chemicals, you also help in keeping the environment safe from the effects of these chemicals.

Of course, there would be instances when it is really hard to take out stain from your fabrics so that use of detergent free ozone laundry systems would not work well. In this case, there are a new emerging breed of eco laundry detergents in the market that are chemical and perfume free and environment friendly. You then would have to do 2 separate washing cycles for your clothes. We also know that detergents (even those eco-friendly ones) makes for faster wear and tear in fabrics when regularly used.

Eco laundry detergents normally would detail the ingredients in their products to assure potential users on safety of its use. They may be a bit higher priced than regular detergents but what’s a few cents when it will mean a cleaner and healthier environment for us all?