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Silent Night® Air Purifier

Introducing the Silent Night ZEPA 500. The world’s only fan-less, totally silent, ZEPA filtration revolutionary air purifier.

Experience living with the advantages of pure, clean, fresh air in your life today. It truly is amazing!

The Silent Night is affordable technology, 5.6M³ of Pure, clean, fresh air produced in total silence every minute for just 40¢/day.

The Silent Night ZEPA 500 model uses an electrostatic force of negatively charged particles being attracted to positively charged particles to accelerate air and its pollutants through two charge-sensitive filters. With no fan noise, the ZEPA 500 moves over 197 cubic feet of air per minute through your unit…silently.

Breathe clean, pure air throughout the night, wake up refreshed and re-vitalised ready to face a brand new day. Silent as the night, the ZEPA 500 will continue to deliver, cleaning the air that you breathe to give you totally clear air throughout the night. Helping to relieve hay fever and other allergic symptoms aiding deep relaxing sleep so that you can wake refreshed ready to face a brand new day.

Manufactured by Wein Products Inc. Wein Products Inc. Is a world leader in providing quality clean air solutions. With over 20 years experience in the field as air purification experts, the company has multiple patents in air purification products. It develops, produces, markets and services its own air purification solutions. It also provides customers with a high level of long term service to ensure that the air treatment is always top quality and safe.

For just $599 the Silent Night® is perfect for any room and we always give you the lowest prices allowed online.