The EcoInventor


The EcoInventor, Julius Toth and CEO of EcoInventions Blogs about his amazing products and what they can do for your family to Enhance your way of life. Take the time to learn about the amazing products the EcoInventor had created and the revolution he has begun.


Julius Toth the EcoInventor brings you products like the EcoWasher, the OxiLeaf, the Silent Night and even the HotLogic. All Products that the EcoInventor has put time and resources into creating for you and your Family. These products will not Only change the way you do laundry but the way you live.

The EcoInventor’s wife Gina Toth is a force to be recond with as well. She personally testes each and every product before Julius even tries to sell any new products.

Gina Toth has worked hard her entire life and knows what is safe to use at home around your family. If the EcoWasher wasn’t safe Julius wouldn’t be allowed to sell it. And if any of these products were dangerous to her family she would not allow them to exist.

7 Heavens LLC is a cutting edge innovation and distribution company led by Julius Toth and his team of professionals. With 40 uniquely profitable years under his belt Julius has historically secured sales in the billions, for emerging brands. EcoInventions is a branch of 7 Heavens LLC focused on creating and improving eco-friendly products.

EcoWasher® is leading a worldwide revolution and changing the way people do and think about laundry. Predicted to sell millions of units within a few years, the EcoWasher® is estimated to save families money, provide health benefits and even help protect the environment! EcoWasher® belongs in every household in the USA and 7 Heavens is on a mission to spread the word about this incredible EcoWasher® technology that is sure to be the next big thing.

EcoWasher® PRO and EcoWasher® PRO PLUS are the first of many products to arrive on the marketplace for EcoInventions and sets the precedence for the brand.